How to Fight Nursing Student Dismissal and Win

Written by Brandon L.
July 28, 202314 min read

Nursing school is tough. Nevertheless, most students persist through the challenges to successfully graduate. That said, some don't get to the end and graduate. Among those who don't get to the end and graduate, about half drop out on their own, and the other half are dismissed. This post focuses on the latter half.

It is sad when a nursing student is dismissed from nursing school. This is especially true if the student has spent some time in nursing school investing their money and efforts to graduate with a degree. Luckily, a lawyer or attorney can do something about the situation. You can legally fight a nursing school dismissal and return to college to complete your nursing education. Therefore, if you have been dismissed or are about to be dismissed from nursing school, read on to find out exactly how you can get assistance from an experienced nurse attorney.

The Downside of Dismissal from Nursing School

Dismissal from nursing school will make it nearly impossible for you to become a nurse anytime soon. This is because it has very negative consequences. They include:

As you can see, if you have been dismissed or are about to be dismissed, it has grave consequences for you in the nursing world. Luckily, as mentioned a few moments ago, you can get assistance from an experienced nurse attorney. So it is not all doom and gloom. Cheer up.  

Reasons Why Nursing Schools Dismiss Students

A nursing school disciplinary board can decide to dismiss you for the following reasons:

1.    Crime

If you commit a crime, your nursing school will most likely dismiss you. Most nursing schools do not tolerate crime be it petty crime or felony.

The school's disciplinary board or committee will quickly meet and dismiss you without any member's objections. Of course, in most cases, they will look at the evidence first to determine if it looks like you did it.

If the evidence is overwhelmingly against you, they will most likely dismiss you. If the evidence is absent, they can suspend you rather than dismiss you from the school.

2.    Poor Performance

All nursing schools across the US (and probably worldwide) only want to graduate if you have shown that you have gained the requisite nursing education to get a nursing degree.

Of course, they can only know if you have gained the required nursing education by looking at your performance. If your performance is below the minimum allowed GPA, they will first give you an academic warning letter and recommend a remedial program.

They will dismiss you if you do not get your performance up to the stated GPA in the warning. In some colleges, the academic committee will recommend your dismissal if your performance exceeds the minimum allowed GPA.

3.    Lack of Progress in Remediation

It is common for students to get an early warning letter from nursing colleges. The letter often aims to tell them to improve their performance.

Early warning letters usually include a remediation program. In most colleges, it is compulsory to take the remediation program.

 If you take a remediation program and fail to show any academic progress, the committee handling your case will most likely recommend your dismissal.

4.    Academic Misconduct

Most nursing colleges across the United States and globally have very high standards that they enforce strictly. For example, most colleges will not tolerate cheating of any kind. It goes against the academic integrity policies that institutions put in place.

If you are found to have cheated in a test or an exam, the school committee that investigates your case will most likely recommend your dismissal. They most likely not forgive you, especially after you admit to the cheating.

Most nursing schools (colleges and universities) will also dismiss you if they find that you have cheated in an assignment (you outsourced it to someone, exceptionally shoddy academic help websites). However, in the case of cheating in assignments, most colleges will just recommend your suspension.

5.    Sexual Misconduct

Most nursing schools have stringent rules on sexual misconduct. When you are accused of sexual misconduct, they will most likely suspend you.

 It usually does not matter how small or big the issue is; they will suspend you. Of course, if you are investigated, and the case goes to court, they will consider dismissing you.

Most colleges will wait until the court decides your fate to make the final decision on you, but some get over-excited and dismiss even students who end up being found not guilty.

6.    Poor Finances

If you have problems paying your tuition on time, most colleges will consider dismissing you. This is especially true if they warn or alert you to an issue that does not get resolved on time.

They will not care if you are poor or you think the situation will be solved on time. Luckily, most colleges usually consider suspension rather than dismissal when a student does not pay tuition on time.

The above points show that you can be dismissed for many reasons. Sometimes you see it coming (e.g., your performance is abysmal), and sometimes you don't (poor finances). Whatever your issue, you can always benefit from working with an experienced nurse attorney.

Before joining any nursing school, you must understand these things to plan yourself by putting your act together to avoid dismissal.

Why You Should Look For a Nurse Attorney When Facing a Dismissal

There is a lot of shame and stigma that comes with a dismissal. Whether what you did warranted your dismissal or not, you need not experience any shame or stigma. You should fight for yourself. In addition, remember, it is not over until it is over.

Giving up on your dismissal when there is a possibility you can work with an attorney to get it revoked is not wise. As we have mentioned in this blog, a dismissed nursing student can benefit immensely from the help of a nurse attorney.

The likelihood of your nurse attorney helping you beat a dismissal is usually high for two reasons. First, the likelihood of your attorney helping you beat a dismissal is high because many dismissals are often caused by circumstances outside the student's control.

For example, depression, stress, mental health crises, family crises, and so on usually cause poor academic performance. Do not let it get to this point when you can hire our nursing assignment helpers to assist you in catching up with assignment deadlines.

Sometimes students find it difficult to express these circumstances to school committees. Therefore, they end up being dismissed. Luckily, no attorney worth his or her salt cannot get a dismissal overturned if caused by circumstances beyond your control.

Second, the likelihood of your attorney helping you beat a dismissal is high because many dismissals can be resolved via other means, e.g., remediation.

In some nursing colleges, students are dismissed for poor academic performance without being given a chance to show academic progress.

Therefore, if you have been dismissed because of poor academic performance, you can rest assured that a lawyer can help you beat it via remediation or other means.

How an Attorney Can Help You When You Get a Dismissal

When a nursing school threatens you with dismissal or dismisses you, you should fight back through an attorney. If your dismissal case is ongoing, you can attend the proceedings or hearing of your case with an attorney advisor. You are allowed to do so. There are many advantages to bringing a nurse attorney to your dismissal hearing or engaging one after you have been dismissed. They can provide:

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A nursing school dismissal is often painful and unexpected. The negative consequences it carries are frequently tough to swallow.

The good news is that a nursing school dismissal can be averted or revoked with the help of a nursing attorney.

If you are facing the threat of dismissal or have been dismissed, talk to an experienced nursing attorney today to get the assistance you deserve.

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