Quick Tips and Steps for Writing a Brilliant Public Health Essay

Written by Brandon L.
February 19, 20247 min read

Did you know that writing an excellent public health essay could help improve the lives of the community? Yes, that's right. Public health is not just an academic exercise to test your writing skills; it can help communicate critical information. By effectively communicating your ideas, you can help your readers, including policymakers, become aware of critical issues in the healthcare system that will help them take action. Writing this essay is necessary for making the world a better place, which is why you must know how to write a good one.

In this guide, our nursing writers define public health and provide step-by-step tips for writing a good essay.

What is Public Health?

According to the American Public Health Association (APHA), public health refers to the science of preventing illnesses, promoting health and prolonging life through the organized efforts of members of society, including public and private organizations and individuals. It involves systematically analyzing threats to public health safety and developing measures to ensure they don't actualize, such as:

Public health is important to keep people healthy and safe from diseases. It is responsible for the following reasons:

Public health is guided by the three Ps; prevention, protection, and promotion.

As a nursing student, it is essential to understand public health and why it matters before writing a good essay.

Steps for Writing a Public Health Essay

Follow these steps to write a good public health essay.

Read and Understand the Essay Prompt

Understanding your public health essay prompt is the first step to writing a good paper. The prompt will contain all the necessary information to guide you in writing the essay. For instance, it will contain information such as the scope of the essay and the key terms. As you read through the prompt, consider the following questions:

Answering these questions will give you an idea of how to begin your essay. If you need any clarification on this, ask your instructor.

Choose Your Topic

If your instructor did not assign a topic for your public health essay, you must choose one. The first step is to scan your class notes and textbooks for broad topic ideas. Consider also:

Discuss public health topics with your instructor or librarian if all else fails.

If you are getting topic ideas from online databases, consider looking at the subject list by searching for keyword terms such as public health, climate change, disease control, etc.

As you do this, ensure you choose a topic you find interesting and can comfortably write about. This is important for you and will ensure your readers enjoy reading and learn from it.

Some of the public health essay topics to consider for your essay include:

Also, check out some emerging public health issues concerning policymakers and key health experts. These can help you develop a topic to spark

Research the Topic

Once you have identified your topic, start researching it. Public health is a vast field of study with various subdisciplines such as biostatistics, epidemiology, health policy, etc. Thus, going through different credible sources to find relevant information is important to write a good essay.  

Since you have already identified the credible sources and the search terms to use, conduct a literature review to ensure you have the latest research to support your ideas and arguments. Taking notes while researching is also important, as it will save you time and frustration when you finally write. Use these tips to take good notes:

Taking notes is important for research because it ensures you understand the essay topic better. This can ensure you write a good essay.

Develop a strong Thesis Statement.

A thesis statement is what your argument is about. Every essay, including a public health essay, must have a thesis statement that guides the flow of your paper. To generate a thesis statement, reduce your topic to a single question. For instance, if you choose a topic like the following, “knowledge, attitude and practice concerning cervical cancer screening among market women,”

Your thesis statement could be, “The study aims to investigate the knowledge, attitudes, and practices of market women towards cervical cancer screening, in order to identify barriers to screening and develop effective interventions that can improve screening rates and prevent cervical cancer in this vulnerable population.”

Take note that a good thesis statement will have the following attributes:

Your thesis statement should explicitly provide a foundation for your argument.

Creating an Outline

An outline is the best way to organize your thoughts and ideas. So, the next step in the writing process is learning how to structure a public health essay. Just like any other essay, a public health essay has an introduction, body and conclusion.


Start your public health essay with a good introduction that introduces the topic. The introduction should also provide the scope and brief background information for readers to know what to expect in the paper. It should also introduce the thesis statement and identify the key points for the public health topic you will discuss. Ensure you begin the introduction with a great hook that immediately grabs readers' attention. It should also encourage them to read the rest of the essay and provide the key objective of the essay.

Using our earlier topic example, here is how you can organize your introduction:

Body Paragraphs

At this stage, you must provide detailed information about the topics for the public health essay. The number of paragraphs in the body of your essay will depend on the length of your paper, but generally, the body could have 3-5 paragraphs. Each of these paragraphs should introduce an idea, analyze it and provide supportive evidence.

All the body paragraphs should be organized in a clear and organized manner. The format for all your paragraphs should be like this:

Topic sentence- this is a clear and concise statement introducing the main idea of the paragraphs.

Supportive evidence- provide relevant evidence, including statistics, case studies, and examples supporting the topic sentence. All the examples should illustrate your points.

Concluding statement- finish by providing a conclusion for the ideas and arguments in that paragraph. Then, provide a statement to transition to the next paragraphs. It should be short, smooth and precise, ensuring all your ideas are cohesive and structured.


A conclusion is the last paragraph of your essay that ends all your ideas. It should restate your thesis statements and summarize all the main ideas. Provide a recommendation or suggestion as the last statement. Many instructors reviewing public health essays agree that a suggestion into what should be done, for instance, more research into the topic, is a good way to close your essay. Please don’t include any new ideas or points at this stage.

Start Writing the Essay

With a clear outline, begin writing your essay, ensuring each idea flows coherently and builds upon itself throughout the essay. To ensure this is possible, provide a foundation for these paragraphs early on to build your ideas successfully.

Note that the body paragraph is the most essential part of the essay because it contributes to its success. It is an opportunity to show your knowledge, critical thinking, and analytical skills. It is where you demonstrate your understanding of the topic by presenting well-structured arguments about the public health topic.

Editing and Revising

After writing, take some time off to relax before editing and revising your paper. This is critical in ensuring your paper has no mistakes that could impact its quality.

As you go through your paper, check the following:

Checklist for Writing a Good Public Health Essay

Please take note that your readers, including your instructor, will judge your essay based on how well you have:

Final Word on Writing a Great Public Health Essay

Writing a good public health essay is essential in communicating ideas and arguments that can contribute meaningfully to society. By following the above guide, you can write a good essay that can impress your readers. If not, our nursing writers can write a high-quality paper or walk you through a step-by-step guide for the best essay. We can help nurse your grades to success. Talk to us today for more information. You can buy a nursing paper/essay online and get 100% original paper written from scratch and cited using peer-reviewed articles.

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