Persuasive Speech Topics and Ideas About Healthcare

Written by Brandon L.
February 09, 202419 min read

Can't seem to find a good healthcare persuasive speech topic? Coming up with a good topic for a speech is something that every speechgiver struggles with. A compelling speech is given to convince the audience of particular facts, values, and policies. It is an opportunity to share your beliefs and values to inspire others to join your cause. As nursing students, you will likely write healthcare speeches as part of your course curriculum. So, you must know how to choose a good topic.

In this article, our nursing writers have identified a list of unique healthcare speech topics that will persuade your audience to take action.

Characteristics of a Healthcare Persuasive Speech Topic

The first step to writing a good healthcare persuasive speech is selecting a good topic. But how do you decide between a good topic and a bad one? The following are features that a good healthcare persuasive speech topic must have:

Highly Interesting

A good speech should interest your audience. If your audience feels bored by the topic, they won't listen and will likely leave while you are on the podium. So, to ensure you don't exhaust your listeners to death, select an interesting topic.

An interesting topic is essential for your readers and you as the speech giver. If you don't enjoy the topic, you will have difficulty convincing your readers.


By unique, it means the topic should be original. Don't give a speech about a topic your audiences have heard a million times. Choose healthcare speech topics that have yet to be extensively covered, something intriguing. To find unique issues, look at what is trending in the healthcare industry.


A good healthcare topic should be appealing to the audience. Consider who your audience is by looking at factors such as age, academic level, experiences, etc. Younger audiences won't be fascinated by complex topics.


A good healthcare topic should be relevant. What are you trying to achieve by giving the speech? Since the aim is to persuade readers to take a stance on something, you should include rhetorical techniques, metaphors, and convincing evidence from experts.

With these features in mind, you can choose a persuasive speech topic on health care that meets your objectives.

Healthcare Topics for Informative Speech

If you are struggling to find good topics for a persuasive speech on healthcare, here is a list of topics that our custom nursing paper writers have narrowed down and categorized to make it easy to brainstorm around any of them or select one for your speech.

Persuasive Speech About Nursing

  1. The role of nurses in practitioners in primary care settings
  2. Ethical dilemmas in nursing
  3. The challenges and rewards of emergency modern nursing
  4. The delicate dance: balancing art and science in the nursing profession
  5. Neonatal nursing: caring for newborns after birth
  6. The role of palliative care nursing
  7. The rise of Nurse Informaticists in the age of digital healthcare
  8. Forensic nursing: the gap between healthcare and criminal justice
  9. Pediatric nursing: caring for children
  10. The diverse opportunities in public health nursing
  11. The role of the nurse anesthetist in surgical settings
  12. Occupational health nursing: promoting safety and well-being in the workplace
  13. The contributions of nurse midwives to maternal health
  14. Exploring the world while caring for patients as a travel nurse
  15. Healthcare management: career paths and requirements
  16. Community health nursing: addressing health disparities and promoting equity.
  17. Cardiac nursing: caring for patients with heart conditions.
  18. The importance of case management in nursing.
  19. Home health nursing: providing care in the comfort of patients’ homes.
  20. The role of nurses in telehealth.

Healthcare Persuasive Speech Topics About Mental Health

  1. Should schools give the same priority and importance to mental health as physical health?
  2. Should employees be given mandatory mental health days?
  3. How does social media influence cognitive and social development in children?
  4. How does play help in child development?
  5. Should schools be mandated to provide mental health education and resources for students?
  6. Should mental health screenings be a part of regular medical checkups in schools and the workplace?
  7. Bipolar disorder problem.
  8. The role of community nursing in mental health.
  9. How positive peer groups can improve mental health
  10. Mental Health: how lack of awareness is impacting people in low-income areas.
  11. Mental health and eating disorders: what’s the link?
  12. Code of ethics for mental health specialists.
  13. Can child abuse lead to mental health issues in the future?
  14. Obsessive-compulsive disorder: How it is affecting you.
  15. Should mental health treatment be made less complex and more affordable?
  16. How stigmatization is a barrier to mental illness recovery.
  17. How are social and cultural influences the most significant barriers to seeking mental health help?
  18. Anxiety disorder: how teenagers are dealing.
  19. Does drug addiction lead to mental health issues?
  20. We are leveraging technology to enhance mental health services.
  21. Extreme parental expectations: the most significant cause of drug abuse.
  22. How parents cause anxiety to their children.
  23. Role of genes in mental health
  24. Horman levels in women and how they affect mental health.
  25. How sleep disorder affects a person’s psychological health.
  26. Financial constraints are the biggest reason why people don’t seek mental health assistance.

Medical Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. The role of technology in modern healthcare.
  2. The impacts of AI in the surgical rooms.
  3. Addressing the stigma surrounding HIV/aids.
  4. Advancements in cancer treatment and research.
  5. Promoting access to affordable healthcare for low-income families.
  6. The ethics of physician-assisted suicide.
  7. The impacts of universal free healthcare policy.
  8. Understanding the impact of obesity on overall health.
  9. The need for increased awareness of rare diseases.
  10. Exploring alternative medicine and its efficacy.
  11. How to prevent preeclampsia in women.
  12. The implications of genetic engineering in medicine and society.

Healthcare Persuasive Speech Topics About Health and Fitness

  1. How is health wealth?
  2. Master the body: understand how physical fitness impacts your body.
  3. How strength training can change your life?
  4. Keto diet: Does it work?
  5. Simple physical exercises to do when pregnant.
  6. How stress is a silent killer.
  7. Strength training exercises women can do at home.
  8. Resistance exercises for the elderly
  9. The role of nutrition in the right body shape.
  10. What you should bring with you on a hike
  11. Do multivitamins help?
  12. Why is protein good for
  13. Why is it difficult to create and stick to a workout routine?
  14. Ideal exercise for stress, anxiety, and depression.
  15. Does BMI tell you how healthy you are?
  16. Can snacks keep you full?
  17. Tips and techniques to avoid sports injury
  18. Importance of sleep on physical fitness and mental health.
  19. Best exercises for seniors.
  20. Advantages of exercising regularly.
  21. Balanced diet: Why it is essential for people at risk of developing lifestyle diseases.
  22. Smoking is injurious to health
  23. Dealing with muscle soreness
  24. Excessive alcohol consumption: How much is safe for our health?
  25. Sleep: Importance of getting enough.
  26. Advantages and disadvantages of different dieting.
  27. Yoga and meditation for mental exercise
  28. Importance of regular checkups and screenings.
  29. How to train right for your body type.
  30. Impact of digital screen time on physical fitness.
  31. The importance of hydration on athletic performance.
  32. The benefits of group fitness classes and exercise communities.
  33. How Supplements contribute to keeping fit.
  34. What to eat before and after workouts.
  35. Do exercise help in preventing chronic diseases
  36. The health benefits of daily morning and evening walks.
  37. Benefits of aging-in-place for seniors.
  38. How to prevent falls among the elderly.

Healthcare Persuasive Speech Topics About Dental

  1. Are Dental X-Rays Safe During Pregnancy?
  2. How are deciduous teeth important in childhood development?
  3. Children’s fear of the dentist
  4. Dental Home: When is it right to start?
  5. How poor dental hygiene can affect your life
  6. Should all insurance cover dental implants?
  7. Benefits of professional teeth whitening and why DIY methods don’t work
  8. Why clear aligners are growing in popularity
  9. The link between oral health and overall health.
  10. Overcoming dental anxiety: How to make patients visits more comfortable.
  11. Why you should not skip dental checkups.
  12. Dental implants vs. dentures: Which is the better for you?
  13. Why Adults should get orthodontic treatment.
  14. Advancements in technology and what this means for the future of dentistry.
  15. Why a Child's Dental Health is a must.
  16. How dentistry can help prevent oral diseases.
  17. Benefits of minimally invasive dentistry technique
  18. The Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry in Boosting Self-Confidence
  19. The Importance of Dental Hygiene Education in Schools
  20. Benefits of dental care during pregnancy

Persuasive speech topics about Maternal Health

  1. Why prenatal checkups are essential for both mother and baby.
  2. Advocating for the right policies to encourage exclusive breastfeeding.
  3. Maternal mental health: why mothers must be aware of mental health issues.
  4. Good nutrition is important for mothers and mothers-to-be.
  5. Need for increased awareness about postpartum depression.
  6. The role of community-based programs in promoting maternal health and well-being.
  7. The impact of socioeconomic factors on maternal health disparities.
  8. The need for improved access to family planning services to reduce maternal mortality rates.
  9. The importance of accessible and affordable prenatal care for all women.
  10. The importance of breastfeeding education for maternal and infant health.
  11. The need for comprehensive sex education for safe motherhood.
  12. The benefits of maternity leave policies in supporting the health of mothers and babies

Healthcare Persuasive Speech Topics in Medical Studies

  1. Right to die: exploring euthanasia and assisted suicide.
  2. Importance of blood donation in saving lives.
  3. Medical privacy: ensuring confidentiality of patient information.
  4. Elderly care: dignified aging with quality services.
  5. Mobile health applications: revolutionizing personal care.
  6. Immunizations: averting preventable diseases.
  7. PTSD management: overlooked necessity for veterans.
  8. Improving accessibility of women’s healthcare services.
  9. Understanding depression: break stigma and foster support.
  10. Autism spectrum disorders: investing in research and support.
  11. Tackling sleep disorders for improved productivity.
  12. Addressing health disparities in minority populations.
  13. Regular eye examinations: prevent vision loss.
  14. Fighting the silent killer: prioritize hypertension management.
  15. Artificial intelligence: transform healthcare delivery.
  16. Conquering the opioid crisis: strategies and solutions.
  17. Lifestyle diseases: effect of modern living on health.
  18. Driving progress in Alzheimer’s disease research.
  19. Lower healthcare costs as a way to encourage smoking cessation.
  20. Address the needs of aging populations.
  21. Fostering innovation in personalized medicine.

Persuasive Medical Innovations Informative Speech Topics

  1. the impact of nanotechnology in treatments of cancer
  2. exploring the advancements in robotic surgery techniques
  3. Will robotic surgery do away with doctors?
  4. The role of 3d printing in customized medical implants
  5. Dealing with the financial crisis in Mental Health Services
  6. Are Antidepressants Safe for Children?
  7. Understanding the potential of gene therapy in treating genetic disorders.
  8. The evolution of telemedicine and its impact on remote patients.
  9. Analyzing the applications of artificial intelligence in diagnostics.
  10. Exploring the future of wearable health monitoring devices and their benefits.
  11. Exploring the effects of immunotherapy in cancer treatment.
  12. Understanding the developments in regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy.

Healthcare Persuasive Speech Topics About Patient Care and Nursing Skills

  1. The importance of patient-centered care in nursing.
  2. Developing practical communication skills for nurses.
  3. The role of evidence-based practice in nursing care.
  4. The importance of cultural competence in patient care.
  5. Advanced wound care techniques for chronic wounds.
  6. The role of nurses in pain management and opioid crisis mitigation.
  7. Implementing evidence-based practices in nursing care.
  8. Enhancing patient education for better post-discharge outcomes.
  9. The importance of critical thinking and clinical reasoning in nursing.
  10. Combating healthcare-associated infections: a community-based approach.
  11. The role of nurses in pain management.
  12. How nurses can promote health literacy among patients.
  13. Care for patients with complex medical conditions.
  14. Cancer pain: assessment, management, and patient empowerment.
  15. The nurse’s role in promoting patient adherence to treatment plans.

Persuasive Speech Topics About Alternative Medicine

  1. The basics of acupuncture: how it works and its benefits.
  2. Exploring the healing power of herbal medicine.
  3. The healing power of herbal medicine and techniques.
  4. The role of meditation and mindfulness in promoting mental and physical well-being.
  5. Naturopathy: A holistic approach to health.
  6. treating musculoskeletal issues through spinal adjustments.
  7. Aligning your body and mind through meditation.
  8. Understanding the benefits of homeopathy
  9. Do essential oils work for your health and wellness
  10. Exploring the benefits of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)
  11. How you can benefit from hypnosis.
  12. Sound healing: harmonizing vibrational medicine.
  13. Magnetic therapy for pain management.
  14. Color Therapy: the healing power of vibrant hues.
  15. Meditation and mindfulness: Cultivating inner peace.
  16. Tai Chi: harmonizing body, mind, and spirit.
  17. The role of Chiropractic care in treating musculoskeletal disorders.
  18. The Power of Ayurveda: ancient Indian medicine for modern health.
  19. The benefits and techniques of reiki energy healing.
  20. Exploring the effectiveness of naturopathy in holistic health care.

Persuasive Speech Topics on Healthcare Policy

  1. Ensuring healthcare equity for underserved communities.
  2. Advancing medical research and innovation.
  3. Pros and cons of universal healthcare.
  4. Measures for strengthening healthcare infrastructure.
  5. Integrating technology in nursing.
  6. Efficient resource allocation to reduce healthcare costs.
  7. Enhancing workforce training and development.
  8. Ensuring ethical considerations in policy-making.
  9. How pharmaceutical pricing affects patient affordability.
  10. Safeguarding patient data privacy and security.
  11. Fostering healthy aging and elderly care.
  12. Addressing substance abuse and addiction treatment.
  13. Improving maternal and child health services.

The Bottom Line

Putting together a persuasive speech involves selecting a good topic. Follow the above guidelines and establish a topic from the above list to ensure you give a speech that persuades readers.

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