Exciting Debate Topics for Nursing and Medical Papers

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July 27, 202313 min read

We often get the question, "What is the best controversial or debatable topic for a nursing student?" and have decided to answer the issue comprehensively.

Nursing students agree that choosing a suitable topic is the most challenging part of writing any nursing paper. It gets tricky to develop an ideal debate topic for your nursing paper.

A nursing debate paper has an introduction, body, and conclusion. It includes a thesis statement in the introduction and expounds on the main points in the body, mainly through a persuasive or argumentative approach.

When it is a requirement that you select a debatable nursing topic, you can start by considering the controversial healthcare topics that relate to nursing practice, education, and research. You can then expand your search into medical topics or other nursing-related subjects, such as biology, pharmacy, or psychology.

This blog will cover all the ideas and examples of debatable nursing issues for a nursing school paper. They are ideal for writing a reaction, issue, research, or term paper for school. We hope that by the end of this article, you can select the best nursing debate topic to step you in the right direction as you write the nursing essay or research paper.

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Ideal Nursing Debate Topics a Nursing Student Can Consider

Here are some quick nursing debate topics you can consider. They are mostly controversial issues in nursing that call for urgent solutions and address through policy change, systems approach, and other viable means to improve nursing practice and profession.

  1. Should nurses make end-of-life decisions for mentally ill old patients?
  2. Are needle exchange programs effective?
  3. Is nursing a science?
  4. Professional integrity in nursing
  5. Is using embryo models from stem cells ethical?
  6. Are needle exchange programs ethical?
  7. Stigmatization of AIDS patients by healthcare workers
  8. Do nurses get tired?
  9. Are fat nurses unhealthy?
  10. Should nurses be given health breaks?
  11. Should wearing uniforms be mandatory for nurses?
  12. Should nurses have smoking areas?
  13. Should nurses force children to be vaccinated?
  14. Is it practical to do cardiac surgery for the elderly?
  15. Should nurses decide when to remove feeding tubes?
  16. Is the Glasgow Pain Scale effective in assessing the pain levels of patients?
  17. Is DNA banking ethical?
  18. Nurses who breach privacy and confidentiality should be fired
  19. Cloning is unethical
  20. Circumcision of newborns without anesthetics
  21. Do Magnet Recognition Programs result in less autonomy for nurses and patient dissatisfaction?
  22. Magnet status is merely a marketing gimmick
  23. Who decides the best staffing ratio?
  24. The use of computers and medical errors
  25. Nurse burnout, yet many nurses are unemployed
  26. Poor pay for nurses
  27. Long working hours for nurses
  28. How long should a nurse take between patients?
  29. Autonomy of practice for RN
  30. Organ transplant between patients with AIDS
  31. Blood transfusion between patients with AIDS
  32. Ethics of weight loss surgery for teens
  33. Right of refusal for blood transfusion
  34. Rising rates of C-section births
  35. Should elective C-Sections for first-time mothers be more available?
  36. Should nurses have unions?
  37. Should nurses have the right to refuse to participate in a morally objectionable procedure (transfusion, stem cell research, circumcision, vasectomy, etc.)
  38. Mandatory overtime for nurses
  39. The appropriate length of shifts
  40. Hiring from nursing schools and universities
  41. Caring for a pregnant drug addict
  42. When should oncology patients be told they've had enough treatment with no hope for recovery?
  43. Recruiting and retaining specialist nurses
  44. Abuse and harassment of travel nurses by crews
  45. Nurses living with HIV/AIDS
  46. Mandatory drug tests for nursing practitioners and medical professionals
  47. Home care vs. Nursing Homes
  48. Making hand hygiene mandatory among nurses
  49. Homeless nurses
  50. Use of opioids in pain management
  51. Acupuncture for pain management
  52. Spinal manipulation for pain management
  53. Engagement of nurses in environmental conservation
  54. Green nursing
  55. Caring for homeless patients
  56. Caring for patients who have lost hope
  57. Aging in place vs. Elderly homes
  58. Telehealth and medical errors
  59. Polypharmacy and elderly care
  60. Use of electronic cigarettes to encourage quitting to smoke
  61. Working together as a nursing couple
  62. Should psychiatric patients be physically restrained?
  63. Should nurses go against their oaths?
  64. Long hospital shifts
  65. Discrimination in nursing school acceptance
  66. Rude nurses in practice
  67. Nurses being exposed to hazards in the workplace
  68. Poor pay for new nurses
  69. Nurses turnover rates
  70. Role of nurses in the opioid epidemic
  71. Rights to prescribe drugs by nurses
  72. Wearing tabards during medical rounds
  73. Staffing ratio for the nursing workforce
  74. Education to practice pipeline for nurses
  75. Is the ADN pathway effective for nursing practitioners?
  76. Relevance of professional nursing organizations
  77. Forensic Nursing
  78. Patient transfer under duress
  79. Alarm fatigue among ICU nurses
  80. Antipsychotics prescriptions for psychiatric patients
  81. Prescribing amphetamines to children
  82. Multidisciplinary teams caring for patients
  83. Nurses as patient advocates
  84. Succession planning in nursing
  85. What next for nursing retirees?
  86. Diversity in nursing
  87. Role of nurses in patient safety
  88. Burnout among nurses working with prisoners
  89. Harassment and sexual assault of prison nurses
  90. Minority nursing students
  91. Nursing educational research
  92. Resilience in nursing students
  93. Nurses practicing Yoga
  94. Academic burnout among nursing students
  95. Professional values of nursing students
  96. The sexual relationship between old nurses and nursing interns
  97. Can nurse managers marry nursing staff from their institution?
  98. Quality of sleep among nurses
  99. Eating habits among nurses
  100. Healthy diets for nurses at work
  101. Resting zones for nurses who work longer shifts
  102. Organized transport for nurses after longer shifts
  103. The work environment for nurses
  104. Incivility against nurses
  105. Workplace violence against nurses
  106. The span of control for nurse managers
  107. Retaining bedside nurses
  108. Moral distress in the workplace
  109. Professional joy and resilience
  110. The moral obligation of nurses
  111. Toxic nurse leadership
  112. Clinician cognitive overload for nursing leaders
  113. Multispecialty nursing
  114. Shared governance
  115. Interoperability of electronic health records
  116. Quality of life of nurses
  117. Artificial intelligence in nursing transition
  118. Nurses' wellbeing
  119. Policy influence of nurses
  120. Handling patients that refuse to eat
  121. Can nurses substitute social workers?
  122. Are psychiatric nurses a substitute for psychologists?
  123. Reasons for rising cases of postpartum depression
  124. Role of artificial intelligence in nursing care
  125. Self-medication among nurses
  126. Alcohol and substance abuse addiction among nurses
  127. Disciplinary action for rogue nurses
  128. Should nurses start nursing care centers?
  129. Should the state pay medical insurance for all nurses?
  130. Caring for the families of nurses
  131. Paternal and maternal leaves for nurses
  132. Nurses should go for long breaks
  133. Role of nurses in raising a healthy society
  134. Role of nurses during wars
  135. How forensic nurses handle victims of child abuse
  136. Investigating and reporting child molestation
  137. Time management when working under pressure
  138. Nurses often have anxiety
  139. Handling depression as a nurse
  140. Stress management training should be mandatory for nurses
  141. Recommending complementary alternative medicine to patients not responding to treatment
  142. Role of nurses in redesigning homes for the elderly
  143. Use of opioids in managing rheumatoid arthritis
  144. Handling patients who can't see or talk
  145. Cultural competence for nurses
  146. Handling LGBTQ patients and their relatives
  147. Discrimination of patients
  148. Handling patients with burn wounds
  149. Free housing for nursing staff
  150. Housing programs for nurses
  151. The brain drain of the nursing workforce
  152. Licensed Nursing
  153. Negligence and caring for frail and old patients
  154. Defamation among nurses
  155. Informed consent and patient care
  156. Shared patient decision-making; what's the boundary?
  157. Inadequate resources for nurses and patient care
  158. Advanced care planning
  159. Battery cases among nurses
  160. Job termination for nurses
  161. Abandoning the code of conduct to save the patient
  162. Nursing rights of medical administration
  163. Nurses must have a nursing philosophy
  164. Hiring nursing leaders from the workforce
  165. Encouraging breastfeeding among new mothers
  166. Mourning with patients
  167. Attachment to a patient
  168. Intensive nursing care is challenging for new nurses
  169. Pediatric nursing requires extra care
  170. Role of nurses in diabetes management
  171. Nurses facilitating cancer screening
  172. Suicide prevention in palliative care
  173. Spiritual intervention in nursing
  174. Every nurse should keep a reflective journal
  175. Caring for children with no relatives or parents
  176. Nursing education is demanding
  177. Nursing leadership is challenging
  178. Nurse leaders vs. Nurse Managers
  179. Nurses donating organs to their patients
  180. Nurses transfusing blood for their patients
  181. Nurses caring for their relatives in their workplaces
  182. Nurses marrying their patients
  183. Sexual abuse of nurses by patients
  184. Hiring nurses who are ex-convicts
  185. Rates of divorce for nurses
  186. Maltreatment of nurses hired by families
  187. Prescription of antibiotics
  188. Dance and art therapy for nurses
  189. Team building activities for the nursing workforce
  190. Continuing education for nurses: who should pay?
  191. Educational loans for nurses
  192. Organized vacations for nurses
  193. Healthcare boot camps for nursing students to practice
  194. Mandatory physical exercise for nurses
  195. Sports activities for nurses to unify the staff

For more insights, ideas, and information, you can also check out our list of epidemiology topics. If that doesn't get you what you want, feel free also to check our ultimate list of capstone project topics for any level of nursing studies. We also have advanced mental health topics to consider as you develop a debatable nursing topic for your paper. If you lean more towards technology, you will find our post on nursing informatics topics an exciting read.

Parting Shot!

You can turn any nursing topic into a debate topic. Ask yourself how you would address the topic, whether controversial or not, in a manner that either side gets educated.

A debate is about arguing why your points are valid and your competitors are not. When writing a nursing debate essay, do it as an argumentative essay. You must provide arguments and counterarguments to show a balanced and mature discussion.

If you feel stuck with writing nursing essays, you are always welcome to get professional assistance from our online nursing papers website. Our nursing experts are online 24/7 and ready to help you achieve your dreams. The better part is that we guarantee to use the most controversial issues when choosing a topic for you and use peer-reviewed journal articles to inform the writing process. As a result, you will get 100% plagiarism-free nursing paper and chase higher grades.

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