Writing a Nursing Scholarship Essay: A Step-by-Step Guide

Written by Brandon L.
May 21, 20249 min read

Nursing is an excellent profession with great financial rewards and the opportunity to change people's lives. However, these rewards come at a costly price.

Did you know that the average cost of nursing education can range from $40,000 to $ 120,000 for a BSN degree, and graduate programs are even more expensive?

One of the best ways to cut these costs while ensuring you are achieving your dreams is by writing a great nursing scholarship essay that ensures you receive financial assistance for your education. However, writing these essays is not easy. You must find the right way to highlight your personal, academic, and sometimes professional achievements and experiences without appearing boastful or insincere. Besides this, the pressure to stand out from other qualified applicants can add more pressure to the already stressful writing process.

Nevertheless, fear not! Whether you are an aspiring nurse looking to join a nursing school, an undergraduate student already in nursing, or an individual trying to advance your nursing degree, this article is for you. Remember, you can also seek professional help from our competent nursing writers to improve your chances of getting the award. Click on the Order tab in the header section, fill out the order form, and get affordable assistance with your scholarship essay.

Otherwise, in this guide, our scholarship experts take you through all the bells and whistles of writing an essay that will warm the hearts of the scholarship committee.

What is a Scholarship Essay About?

A scholarship essay is a written personal statement submitted as part of a scholarship application. It is an opportunity to show your interests, skills, passions, and experience in nursing and why you deserve to get funding more than other potential candidates do.

The target audience of scholarship essays is the nursing scholarship committee comprised of college administrators and nursing faculty. However, it could also comprise graduates, students, and student ambassadors. They are responsible for evaluating these essays and determining who should be awarded the scholarship. Sometimes, corporate heads also have a panel that selects competent students to award nursing scholarships.

Given the global increase in scholarship applications, your essay must stand out as the best. While some scholarships are merit-based, meaning they depend on outstanding academic performance, chances of success are sometimes determined by how well you have written your application. Seeking professional help from nursing writers can enhance the quality of your essay.

With a nursing shortage leading to burnout, an increasing population of elderly and newborns, and global pandemics, the demand for nurses is on an upward trajectory. Instead of taking out student loans, getting scholarships is an alternative avenue for funding your nursing school tuition and lifestyle.

What Do Nursing Scholarships Cover

If your application is successful, you will receive the following assistance:

You must review the terms and conditions for every application to understand the expenses the scholarship will cover and the restrictions that come with it.

How to Write a Compelling Nursing Scholarship Essay

Follow these steps when writing your nursing scholarship essay.

Understand Nursing Scholarship Essay Requirements and Application Criteria

First, read the requirements of the scholarship and understand how to apply. Scholarships come with eligibility requirements such as,

Please note that requirements will vary depending on the type of scholarship.

Also, check the application criteria to know how to make your application, the deadline, and so on. Applying for a scholarship after the deadline has elapsed is a waste of time.

Read the scholarship prompt and pay attention to specific questions, themes, or topics that you must address in the essay. Once you understand all this information, you can go ahead and begin writing the essay.

Create a Proper Format for a Scholarship Essay

Like other types of nursing essays, a scholarship essay for nursing must include the following distinct elements: introduction, body, and conclusion.

A good outline is necessary to write a winning scholarship that tells the committee about your nursing aspirations and why you indeed deserve to be awarded the scholarship. It can also help you write a clear and organized application essay.

Here is how you should organize your Nursing scholarship essay.



The body of the application is divided into the following parts:

Goals and Objectives

Brief Background about Yourself

Need for the Scholarship

Relevant Experiences

Skills and Attributes


Conduct Research

First, you must gather all the information about your life that will make a great difference in your essay. Think about your career dreams and aspirations. Think of the time you helped someone in need even when you did not have to. Go back to when you volunteered in that clinic in your hometown and helped victims of a disaster. All this information is necessary and will add weight to the essay.

Second, review examples of winning scholarship essays to discover what made them so different. There are various examples of nursing scholarship essays that wowed the committee. Additionally, if there is someone you know who successfully applied, ask them for their essay.

As you study these essays, check for the following:

Please understand that the scholarship judges always seek something specific in these essays. Understanding this will help you stand out.

Write the Essay

A good introduction is necessary to capture readers' attention and make them want to offer you the scholarship. So, how do you start a nursing scholarship essay? Begin with a short and exciting introduction about an experience that led you to pursue nursing. Other ways you can start your scholarship essay is by:

However you choose to begin your essay, ensure it grabs readers' attention, shows your passion, and relates to the nursing profession.

Talk about Your Passion

Talk about your passion for helping people and why nursing is so dear to you. Do not beat around the bush. Dig deeper into your motivations and provide specific details about why nursing is a suitable profession for you.

Talk about what part of nursing fascinates you. Do you want to be a pediatric nurse to help kids because you saw young kids suffering? Or do you want to be an oncology nurse because you took care of your mom when she had cancer?

Discuss Your Academic and Career Goals

The scholarship aims to fund your nursing education and help you reach your goals. Therefore, talk about your education and career goals. Then, discuss how the scholarship funding will help you achieve your goals.

Do not be afraid to provide a timeline for achieving these goals. However, ensure these goals are realistic and achievable.

For instance, you could say,

My goal is to pursue a nursing degree, finish within six years, and become an RN. Once I become a nurse, I intend to develop innovative structures and solutions to help young children with Asthma in my community. When I am awarded this scholarship, I will use it to streamline my education journey and learn every skill necessary to become a great nurse.

Emphasize Your Skills and Experiences

Highlights skills, experiences, and accomplishments from clinical work, volunteer opportunities, and leadership roles you acquired.

Do not be afraid to talk about personal experiences that have shaped your nursing passion. Remember, thousands of nursing students are applying for the same scholarships. Therefore, you have to show why you deserve more than others do.

Additionally, share how your past experiences have shaped you and how they will empower you in your nursing practice. For instance, if you develop empathy for the suffering of others, you can say that you will put your patients first and do everything possible to help them get better.

Finish the Nursing Scholarship Essay with a Bang

Make your conclusions just as interesting as the introduction. Do not leave your readers without a proper conclusion that tells them you have said everything about why you deserve the scholarship.

End your scholarship essay by summarizing all your key points and reminding your readers about your passion for nursing. Also, show how grateful you are to have the chance to apply for nursing scholarship funding. Your last statement should leave a lasting impression on the readers.

Tips for Writing a Strong Nursing Scholarship Essay

When writing your application for a scholarship essay, there are things you need to keep in mind to ensure the essay is exceptional.

Tailor Your Application

Your essay for the nursing scholarship should be tailored to the specific requirements in the prompts. This means do not copy what other applicants wrote. Your essay should stand out from the rest. The best way to do this is to focus on the specific elements and objectives of the scholarship.

Write from the Heart

Be authentic in your essay. Do not just share your achievements. Lead readers through every pivotal experience or moment that ignited your passion for the nursing profession.

Genuinely express your motivations and aspirations as you unveil your true self. The aim is to connect with the readers on a deeper level so that they can see that you indeed deserve the nursing education funding. One way to do this is by sharing a compelling story that engages readers and communicates your nursing journey.

Follow the Right Formatting

If the nursing scholarship requirements involve specific instructions such as the font name, size, and number of words or pages, ensure you follow them to the letter. Doing this will show the judges that you can follow the instructions, which is an excellent nursing skill.

Emphasize that you are fit for the Scholarship.

You must emphasize that you should be given the scholarship, not others. Reinforce how the education funding will help you achieve your dreams while also aligning with school objectives. Stress how your qualifications, passion, career goals, and attributes make you an ideal candidate for the nursing school scholarship. Show that you are an effective problem solver and do not fear any challenges.

Revise and Edit the Essay

Don't hit send just yet. Go through the essay, ensuring that you have addressed all the points outlined in the prompt. Ask yourself if you were the judge, would you award yourself the funding based on the application?

Additionally, review your essay for grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and formatting to ensure that there are no errors that could disqualify you. Overall, your essay should be clear, concise, and persuasive.

Hire an Expert

If you are struggling with the essay, seek writing assistance. Hiring a professional to create your nursing scholarship essay ensures your application is well crafted, meets all the guidelines, and surpasses the judge's expectations. What's more, these writers have the right skills and expertise to create compelling narratives that align with the scholarship application criteria.

Final Words

Writing a scholarship essay for nursing is a daunting task, even for the best writers. However, with careful planning, attention to detail, and knowledge of what makes a great scholarship essay, you can create a compelling essay.

If you do not have the time or feel worried about your skills and abilities, ask for professional help for a great nursing application that stands out and increases your chances of receiving the funding. Just place an order with us, and our nursing writers will write the essay from scratch or provide you with scholarship essay tips.

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