Ultimate Guide on how to Write A Student Nurse Resume

Written by Brandon L.
February 16, 202320 min read

When recruiters advertise a job vacancy, they almost always ask all applicants to submit a resume. They do this to get all the important information they need to evaluate the suitability of the applicants for the advertised job.

The above statement shows the true significance of a resume. It is the document recruiters use to shortlist or disqualify you for a job. Therefore, when applying for a nursing job, you better make sure your resume is perfect if you want recruiters to shortlist you for the job.

In this post, you will discover how to write a perfect nursing student resume. The knowledge you will gain will help you to write a resume that gives recruiters an excellent first impression of you.

Let's begin.

Nursing Student Resume Outline

Since you are reading this guide on how to write a nursing student resume, it means you have the education and the experience to apply for a nursing student job. In this section, you will discover where to put information about your education and your experience in your nursing resume. You will also discover all the key sections of a typical nursing student resume.

Nursing student resume outline

  • Description: You should use the description part of your resume to give a brief overview of your resume. The overview should include information about your highest qualifications and your experience. The information you share in your resume's description section should quickly tell recruiters what makes you suitable for the job you are applying for.
  • Objective: The objective part of your resume is perhaps its most important section. You should describe your motivations, your personal skills, and your ambitions. Overall, the objective section of your resume should make it clear to recruiters that you are one of the best candidates for the position they want to fill.
  • Skills: The skills section of your resume is also very important to your resume. It is sometimes the section recruiters look at before looking at other sections in your resume. You should describe your most important nursing skills and abilities in your skills section. The skills you list in your resume should tell recruiters that you are the most capable applicant for the position you are applying for. If you have submitted your abstract poster to a seminar or nursing event, you can list that under skills.
  • Work experience: The work experience section of your resume should tell recruiters your relevant work experience for the job you are applying for. Therefore, you should describe your relevant work experience, and what you were doing in the positions you worked. If you had any supervisory responsibilities in any of the positions you have worked in, you should put them in your work experience. This will help make your resume stand out.
  • Certifications: By the time you are confident enough to apply for a job as a nursing student, you will certainly have some certifications. You should list your relevant certifications in this section of your nursing student resume.
  • Education: It takes several years of education for you to get to a position where you are writing a resume for a nursing student job. In the education section of your resume, you should list all the relevant education and training experiences you have had. You should list them from the most significant to the least significant.

If you are unsure, you can check out the nursing student resume examples published online in nursing student portfolios. Reading the nursing student resume summary examples can also help you understand the best way to present information that can help you convince hiring managers.

Why you need a good nursing student resume

The number one reason you need a good nursing student resume is to give recruiters an excellent first impression of you as a potential employee. A typical nursing job advertisement will likely attract dozens of applicants, especially if it has good terms and benefits.

Therefore, if you want to be shortlisted for the job, you must give recruiters a good reason to do so. And the only way to do so is to have a good nursing student resume.

Recruiters do not know you personally and will not do a background check to know who you are. Your resume is the only thing they have to understand who you are and whether you are good enough for the job you have applied for. Thus, it is crucial for you to put your best foot forward when you apply for a job by making sure you have a good nursing student resume.

Difference between Nursing Student Resume and Professional Nurse Resume

There are several differences between a nursing student resume and a professional nurse resume. The biggest difference is that a nursing student writes a nursing student’s resume to get an entry-level nursing position. In contrast, a professional nurse writes a professional nurse’s resume to get a nursing job (junior-level, mid-level, or senior-level). In most cases, professional resumes are written by certified practicing nurses, such as Registered Nurses, Emergency Room Nurses, Travel Nurses, Nurse Educators, NICU nurses, Geriatric Nurses, etc.

The second biggest difference is that a nursing student's resume is usually shorter than a professional nurse's resume. A nursing student's resume is usually short because the individuals who write such resumes often have less education, qualifications, experience, and certifications than those who write professional nurse resumes.

The last difference between the two types of resumes is that nursing student resumes tend not to include referees, but professional nurse resumes often include them.

Steps to writing a Nursing Student Resume

Follow the steps below to write the perfect nursing student resume.

1. Identify a format to use

There are many ways you can write a nursing student resume. The different ways are called formats. You must choose a single format to use to write your nursing student resume. And you must make sure that the format is simple, easy to understand, and professional. If you choose a format that is casual or non-professional, it is very unlikely that your resume will be strongly considered.

If you do not have a preferred format, use the format provided near the end of this post.

2. Provide your full name and your contact information

The first items of information that should go into your resume are your name and contact information. So write down your full name at the top of your resume and include your contact information, your address, your mobile number, and your email address.

Whatever resume format or template you choose, you should ensure it has your name and contact information at the top. This will make sure that anyone interested in contacting you can quickly get the details they need to do so.

3. Provide a resume summary, aka nursing student resume objective

Not all nursing student resumes have a resume summary section. While a resume summary is not mandatory, it is a good thing to have in your resume. This is because it is a place to highlight your qualifications for the job you are applying for. Your resume summary should include a maximum of two sentences describing your top skills, your career goals, and what makes you an asset. 

4. Highlight your certifications and licensure

As a nursing student, you most likely do not have an RN license number. If you have it, this is where you should list your license and your number. Even if you do not have an RN license number, the fact that you are now writing a nursing student resume means you are most likely a senior nursing student. This means you must have some certifications. List all the relevant ones in this section.

5. Highlight your skills

This is where you highlight all the wonderful nursing student resume skills you have gained so far in your nursing profession journey. You should include both your soft skills and your hard skills. Soft skills are self-acquired traits such as time management, critical thinking, and communication skills. While hard skills are industry-related skills such as sterile dressing changes, oxygen titration, and head-to-toe assessments. When highlighting your skills, you should describe them to give recruiters a better picture of what you are talking about.

6. Provide your education details

All types of resumes have a section where you are supposed to enter your education details. You should provide your education details beginning with your most recent degree. You should highlight the name of the degree, the school, the years attended, and the location. When providing your education details, you may be tempted to include your high school details, but they are usually unnecessary. Only include them if asked by a recruiter or potential employer.

7. Highlight your clinical experience

Every resume worth its salt has a section where you are supposed to highlight your experiences. You should specifically highlight your clinical experience in the experience section of your resume. Mention where you worked, what you did, and how long. Only include between three to four relevant work experiences, and make sure you clearly state what you did (your responsibilities). This is what recruiters are interested in knowing about your experience.

8. Add achievements and affiliations

Have you gotten any achievements or accolades over the last two years? If yes, you should include them in your student nursing student resume. They will make your resume stand out. If you are affiliated with any professional group, you should highlight your affiliation in this section. If you have membership or leadership contributions to the student nursing association, it can be a great piece of information to feature in your resume. Any other achievements and affiliations in nursing school also matter.

How to List Education and Experience in the Student Nurse Resume

The best way to list education is in reverse chronological order. This means you should start with the most recent education experience and then the second most recent, and so on. The case is the same with clinical experience. You should start with the most recent experience, followed by the second most recent experience, and so on.

Nursing Student Resume Format

Free nursing student resume template

John C. Paul

546 N. Creek Street

Jackson, CA 77777

Mobile Number: (777)777-7777

Email: Your [email protected]


(Type your resume summary here)



(Highlight your experience here plus your responsibilities)


(Highlight your hard and soft skills)


(Highlight your education experiences plus achievements)

Licensures & Certifications__________

(Highlight your license and your certifications)

Professional Affiliations______________

(Highlight your professional affiliations and achievements)


(Highlight your hobbies and references)

Nursing Student Resume Example

John C. Paul

546 N. Creek Street

Jackson, CA 77777

Mobile Number: (777)777-7777

Email: Your [email protected]


A patient-focused nursing assistant with over four years of experience and a strong interest in learning and growing professionally.



Loma Linda University Hospital: Loma Linda, CA (September, 2021-Present)

Nurse Tech – Surgical Unit

  • Obtain samples for stool analysis and urinalysis
  • Assist patients with daily living activities
  • Follow infection control procedures
  • Experience with patient positioning

Adventist Glen Oak Hospital: Glen Oak, NY (2020-2021)

Nurse assistant – Labor and Delivery Unit

  • Follow control procedures
  • Provide mobility assistance
  • Provide assistance with delivery
  • Experience with baby feeding assistance


  • Observation skills
  • Ability to follow the rules and protocol
  • Patient nutrition (i.e., monitoring nutritional intake)
  • Documentation and record-keeping
  • Vital signs
  • Patient Care
  • Infection Control



Loma Linda Adventist University School of Nursing: Loma Linda, CA

Bachelor of Science in Nursing, GPA: 3.75

Licensures & Certifications__________

  • Certified Nurse Aide
  • American Heart Association CPR certified
  • Mandarin Chinese Language certified

Professional Affiliations______________

  • Loma Linda University Nursing Students Association


  • ­­­­­­­­­Reading nursing journals
  • Playing soccer
  • Relaxing with friends and family


What should I put in my nursing student resume?

You should put your name, your contact details, your education, your experience, your skills, and your professional achievements.

How can I make my nursing student resume stand out?

You can make your resume stand out by writing a resume summary/objective that is attention-grabbing and persuasive. You can also do it by making sure the experience section is detailed with your job duties/responsibilities.

What are the best soft skills to include in my nursing student resume?

The best soft skills to include in your nursing student resume include a strong work ethic, adaptability, conflict resolution, empathy, professionalism, critical thinking, creative problem solving, networking, teamwork, and time management.

What should my nursing CV look like?

At the very least, it should include your contact details, your clinical experience, your work experience, your work responsibilities, and your achievements.  

What comes first? BSN or RN?

BSN comes first because it indicates education level. It is stated first before the license.

Should I put references in my resume?

No, you should not unless a potential employer requests you to include them in your resume.

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