A Review of the WGU RN to BSN Nursing Program (Expert Insights)

Written by Brandon L.
June 10, 202313 min read

A significant number of RNs (Registered Nurses) working across the United States have only an ADN (Associate’s Degree in Nursing). In a bid to learn more and get more money, many of them are considering enrolling in RN to BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) programs in line with lifelong education commitment. Continuing nursing education comes with a hoard of benefits.

Fortunately, there are many nursing colleges across the country that offer RN to BSN programs. One of them is WGU (Western Governors University) – a private-only university based in Utah. The college offers degrees accredited by NWCCU, CCNE, ACBSP, CAHIM, and CAEP.

This post looks at the WGU RN to BSN program. It particularly focuses on the key parts of the program to make it easy for prospective students to decide if the program is right for them. We look at the minor details that matter so that you can make your decision without the information overload likely to occur when you directly read the program page. We are familiar with the WGU nursing program because our writers have helped many nursing students take the course, making them achieve their goals.

What is the WGU RN to BSN program?

The WGU RN to BSN program is one of the most popular RN to BSN programs in the country. It is online-based, flexible, affordable, and accredited by multiple senior nursing organizations. It is a program that is highly talked about by WGU nursing graduates. You can pursue a BAN degree through the WGU program and it could be the best career decision you’ve ever made.

The program is designed to enable registered nurses to get the knowledge to provide better healthcare services and improve patient outcomes. At the end of the program, RNs graduate with a BSN making them better placed to get a promotion or increased salary.

The minimum educational requirement for this program is an ADN or a nursing diploma. And perhaps the best thing about it is the fact that it is convenient. Convenient in the sense that it is designed for working RNs.

In other words, it is structured in such a way that you can take it even if you are a very busy employed RN. This is what makes it extremely popular with nurses across the country.

What Does the WGU RN to BSN Program Look Like?

The WGU RN to BSN program is evidence-based and it encompasses an online nursing curriculum that’s been developed as per the American Association of Colleges and Nursing’s Essentials of Baccalaureate Education for Professional Nursing Practice.

Getting a BSN degree is valuable to RNs as it adds great depth to the practical knowledge that you already have. WGU’s RN to BSN online degree has been specially developed with significant contributions from program councils; industry professionals who know what is required for a graduate of a high-ranking BSN program to be a successful contributor to vital medical care teams. That mentioned, go from RN to AND or BSN with Western Governors University.

What’s more, the degree program will offer clinical field experience with several hours completed in different community settings that have been selected by the student himself.

The opening course that you’ll take in this online degree program will be incomparable to any other course that you will complete at the university. Professional leadership and Communication in Healthcare need serious involvement in online group sessions with fellow students and the faculty as well. Different group choices are available and so you will cooperate with your admission counselor to pick the group whose program is works the best for you.

The WGU RN to BSN program is comprised of 23 different courses sub-divided into two different groups; general education and nursing core. Below is a comprehensive list of all the courses.

General education is made up of 12 courses or competency units. They are:

Nursing core is made up of the following 11 courses:

Admission Requirements

There are a few admission requirements that are unique to this particular nursing program. In order to be considered for the degree, you must meet the following:


What You May Like About the Program

There are several things that make this program stand out. We present the 10 most crucial ones below to help you decide if this program is for you.

1. Top Nursing Education

When it comes to developing programs for RNs, there is no better one than this. The program’s courses feature revised content that aligns with the important 2021 ACCN Essentials: core Competencies for Professional Nursing Education.

In the past year alone, more than 7,000 RNs got their RN to BSN from Western Governors University. Well-equipped with the essential skills, this particular team of nurses is already having a positive impact on the overall health of their communities. You can also be part of this competent workforce of RNs who are doing a great job improving patients’ outcomes all over the country.

WGU’s online CCNE-approved RN to BSN program adds on your previous diploma nursing education or ADN with great emphasis on the areas of leadership, theory, research, current healthcare trends, community concepts, and healthcare policies.

2. Accelerated Graduation

Western Governors University uses material that you are familiar with and lets you use your registered nurse experience. This results in you finishing the program faster than you know. In fact, about 77% of RN to BSN WGU graduates complete the program within 2 years.

3. Compulsory Field Experiences

One special requirement for this particular program is held experience. Even though majority of the coursework is completed online, the nursing program has some special prerequisites, field experiences being one of them. The clinical experience should be completed in a nearby facility.

And while the majority of your courses can be fast-tracked depending on your past knowledge and experience, there are certain nursing programs that start with a cohort-based course, which has to be undertaken through six arranged webcam sessions with fellow students and faculty.

4. Low Tuition Fee

The program’s tuition fee is charged per term and not per credit. This will help you to control the final cost of your nursing degree. You get to complete the program faster and pay less as well. The tuition cost per six-month term for the WGU RN to BSN program is $3,998.

5. Less Student Debt

The good news is that there’s available assistance to aid in paying for the online degree program. Most Western Governors University students qualify for financial assistance, and the university is approved for American Veteran’s Benefits and Federal Financial Aid. And according to data from the Institute for College Access and Success (2022), Western Governors University undergraduate students have about half the debt when graduating in comparison to the national average.

In addition, scholarship opportunities are also available. All you need to do is to find out which ones you may be eligible for.

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6. Generous Credit Transfer Policy

Students are allowed to transfer up to 90 credits. Furthermore, students from accredited programs receive 80 transfer credits upon application and will get their transcripts assessed for up to ten more transfer credits.

7. Flexibility

If you are currently a registered nurse, you can carry on working at your place of work, and keep up with your family responsibilities all whilst earning your degree. This means that you do not have re-organize your work shifts or take time off work just to get your degree. Unlike other universities, at WGU you do not necessarily have to log in to course classes at a specific time, and the assignments do not have set deadlines. Simply put, you can work anywhere and at whichever time.

What’s more, the flexible schedule means that the program can be accelerated. If you choose to get your RN to BSN degree from WGU, you can put your existing knowledge to use. If you show mastery of the course material, you can move through the degree program quickly. Additionally, you can even transfer several credits into your WGU RN to BSN degree program, which will assist you to graduate faster.

8. Well-Recognized and Respected Program

WGU’s RN to BSN online degree program is not only recognized but also accredited and respected. One vital measure of a degree’s value is the status and reputation of the university from which it was obtained. When industry leaders, potential employers, as well as academic professionals hold your alma mater in loads of respect, you will subsequently enjoy the benefits of that respects as well.

Unlike other similar programs, WGU’s RN to BSN program is a redeveloped program, that is specifically designed for the future of nursing. Some of the important features of the university’s redeveloped BSN online degree program are:

9. Better Opportunities

A BSN will without a doubt open doors in your nursing career. Once you are done with your BSc. Nursing degree course, you will have the required knowledge as well as clinical experience to steer your nursing career in different rewarding directions. You will be in great demand since you will be well prepared to promote, enhance, preserve, and maintain the well-being and health of the members of your community.

And if you choose, you will also be in a position to earn an MSN degree, such as Western Governors University’s programs in nurse education, nursing leadership and management, and nursing informatics. An MSN degree not only adds specialization to your personal resume but also to your career path.

This WGU RN to MSN online degree program allows you to significantly build on both your experience and knowledge in the field of nursing. As more and more healthcare facilities shift towards a magnet status, a BSc. Nursing can assist you in contributing to that goal, and also offer you increased skills and credentials to enhance patient outcomes.

With all that in mind, if you are presently a registered nurse with a diploma or ASDN, then this RN to BSN program is for you. Society is in great need of nurses like you to have a positive impact on healthcare.

The good news is that the employment of RNs is expected to grow by about 8% from 2019 to 2029. Those nurses with at least a BSc. in nursing have better employment prospects than those without a degree in the same.

Western Governors University’s BSN graduates are working in different, fulfilling roles. More than 20,000 of their BSc. Nursing alumni have satisfying careers. They work as flight nurses, staff nurses, public health nurses, and forensic nurses in diverse settings such as the American military, non-profit organizations, public health departments, medical centers, and clinics among others. That said some of their major employers include the American department of Veteran Affairs, Peace Health, and Intermountain Healthcare.

What You May Not Like About the Program

There isn’t much to dislike about the program. Other than the fact that it is an online degree program, meaning that there are no one-on-one interactions, the program is really great and beneficial. If you excel well in on-campus physical environments, the program might not be appropriate for you. The same applies if you prefer a highly structured learning environment or don’t have a prior associate degree or diploma in nursing.

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